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Give Up On a Child in Need? 



Children's Charity, Orlando    


Children's Charity, Orlando, FL

Comedian/Motivational Speaker, Author & Musician, Orlando, Fl

Zenneth's Comedy BIO

insert pretentious crap about yourself here

Ok never mind that. How about instead I answer questions I commonly get and you send your own if you'd like?

 1) What made you want to get into comedy?

Well I've always been a comedian. I was the class clown in school. The idiot that makes everybody laugh at work. But when I started the Nevers Foundation I was suddenly expected to be serious. Society even some of my family and friends expected me to tone down my humor. This was a huge crossroads for me for many reasons but the 2 main reasons I didn't want to tone it down was. 1) I wanted to be myself. 2) One of the many messages that I want to express with the Nevers Foundation is that a common person can make a difference. You don't have to be religious, serious, rich, famous, etc. If a regular, funny single dad of 2 toddlers living paycheck to paycheck can make a difference so can you. One of the board members came up with the idea of me doing standup comedy. And that hopefully that way people would view me as a comedian that has a charity. So far so good.... Knock on wood

2) What style of comedy do you do?

Well I am a clean comic with slapstick humor. I don't use profanity or any offensive material. Actually allow me to rephrase that. I can do adult material as well if a particular venue asks for it. I don't have anything against offensive humor. In fact some of my favorite comics are offensive. But I take pride in being funny and not having to rely on offensive to do so.

3) So you do only stand-up comedy?

Well along with the comedy I also do motivational speaking and there are also comedy skits available I made having fun with friends on YouTube.

4) Why don't you get off the computer and do the dishes?

Dang it mom its your turn to do the dishes tonight! One of these days I swear I'm running away!!!!

Original Music

Here's another one! Enjoy & SHARE!!!

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Based out of Orlando FL but will travel virtually anywhere. 100% fully tax deductible. See more info on OUR SHOWS and/or SPONSORSHIP link/page.

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Zenneth Does Comedy MUSIC too